Half Marathon Training: Week Two

This week was a little harder than last week. Wednesday’s interval run was the most difficult and Thursday’s interval run was the easiest. I enjoyed Saturday’s run especially. The morning started out chilly and since it was a day off from work I decided to wait until it warmed up a bit. By 10 a.m. the temperature reached 40 degrees so I decided it was time to hit it. It was very sunny by then and things began to warm up quickly from there. Maintained a nice steady pace throughout my run and never felt like I was pushing it.

Monday: 46 minute run. 4.19 miles at 10:58 pace.
Tuesday: Rest day (but still did some walking).
Wednesday: 22 minute interval run. 10 minute fast run/2 minute walk/10 minute fast run for a distance of 2.24 miles at 9:49 overall average pace.
Thursday: 26 minute interval run. 4 minute slow run/1 minute fast run followed by 2 minutes of walking (x6)/4 minute slow run for a distance of 2.2 miles at 11:53 overall average pace.
Friday: Rest day (still did some walking).
Saturday: 60 minute run. 5.45 miles at 11:00 pace.
Sunday: Strength training & stretching.

The goal on Saturday’s run was to run for a duration of 54 minutes. I change my running routes often and conditions change everyday. You can’t always pick a running route that will finish at the exact running duration you’ve set for the day. I probably could have finished my run closer to the 54 minute mark but I was feeling good and enjoying the run so I didn’t worry about it. Six minutes of extra running for the day isn’t going to ruin your chances of achieving your overall goal.


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