Half Marathon Training: Week Three

This week’s training was just slightly harder than last week. On my Tuesday interval run I decided to give it a try on the treadmill instead of the road. I liked it enough I’ll probably continue to use the treadmill when the running intervals are at least five minutes long. My workout breakdown for the week is as follows:

Monday: 38 minute run. 3.45 miles at 11:01 pace.
Tuesday: Rest day (but still did some walking).
Wednesday: 26 minute interval run. 12 minute fast run/2 minute walk/12 minute fast run on a treadmill.
Thursday: 28 minute interval run. 5 minute slow run/1 minute fast run followed by 2 minutes of walking (x6)/5 minute slow run for a distance of 2.43 miles at 11:32 overall average pace.
Friday: Rest day (still did some walking).
Saturday: 65 minute run. 5.92 miles at 10:58 pace.
Sunday: Strength training & stretching.

The Saturday long run was supposed to be sixty minutes. I like to run in loops where I never or seldom take the same path more than once and I like to finish in the same location as I started. When you do that, you’re not always going to finish with the exact duration planned. I look at my duration goal as my minimum instead of a maximum duration.

I ran a little faster this week too. Not that I was trying to run faster–it just happens.




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