Half Marathon Training: Week Four

One third of my half marathon training is complete. So far, so good. Doesn’t feel too difficult yet but that will probably change in a another week or two.

Monday: 40 minute run. 3.62 miles at 11:09 pace.
Tuesday: Rest day (but still did some walking).
Wednesday: 26 minute interval run. 12 minute fast run/2 minute walk/12 minute fast run on a treadmill.
Thursday: 32 minute interval run. 7 minute slow run/1 1/2 minute fast run followed by 3 minutes of walking (x4)/7 minute slow run for a distance of 2.86 miles at 11:14 overall average pace.
Friday: Rest day (still did some walking).
Saturday: 76 minute run. 6.83 miles at 11:08 pace. (Goal was 70 minutes.)
Sunday: Strength training & stretching.

Tempo Run: I’m treating my Wednesday treadmill workout as a tempo run. What is a tempo run? I call it running at a pace that is uncomfortably comfortable.

Fartlek Run: Thursday workout is Fartlek training. Anymore I just call them intervals but I couldn’t resist saying “fartlek”.

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