Augusta University Half Marathon & 10K

Today is my scheduled long run day but I’m taking a break so I can run in the Augusta University Half Marathon and 10K tomorrow. I’m running in the 10K, not the half marathon. Maybe I’ll do the half marathon next year. Since I’m training for the Half Marathon in Nashville, TN on April 30th I really don’t have any specific goals or milestones for this run. I plan to go out there well rested and just see how I feel after the first mile. I’m not expecting the run to be a personal record. Not even a personal record as an old man and definitely not a lifetime PR.

The temperature forecast is around 40 degrees at start time with little wind. It’s expected to warm up almost ten degrees by the next hour though. Finding the right combination of clothing may be a challenge. If my lovely wife goes along to cheer me on I can rip a layer off just before the starting gun but if she doesn’t, then I’ll have to get a little more creative.

This run changes my training plan but its always good to be flexible and willing to accept changes in your plans. The distance will be shorter than planned but the intensity will probably be higher so that should make up for the lack of distance. It should be all good in the end.

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