Go Figure? A New Old Man Running 10K PR

I sure wasn’t expecting to post a new old man running 10K personal record (PR) today but that’s exactly what I did. This morning I ran in the 10K event at the Augusta University Half Marathon/10K. The turnout was great. In fact the 10K was sold out for the first time ever. The temperature was a little chilly at the start time but once you got the first mile in you didn’t really notice the cool weather very much.


Augusta University 10K (about five minutes before the start).

The race started promptly at 8 a.m. At the start I was positioned slightly ahead of middle of the pack. Honestly, when the starting horn went off my intention was to just run a relaxed race and not concern myself with my split times.


As usual, I was passed by quite a few runners in the first mile and then things settled down. Even though I said I wasn’t going to concern myself with my mile splits I did look at the first three. I finished mile one in 9:31. The split time did surprise me a bit. I knew I was running a little faster than my usual training pace but it didn’t feel like it was much above it. Mile two I settled down and finished the split in 9:48. By then I had thoroughly warmed up and I’m glad my wife was on the side of the course so I could throw her my upper layer pullover. It was still chilly enough I kept my glove on though. The third mile was brutal! It starts to climb almost immediately as you run up “The Hill” area of Augusta, Georgia. Most of the third mile is uphill and I completed the split in 12:03.


Thankfully, shortly into the fourth mile there was a long decent and this gave me some time to regroup a bit and settle into a pace I could maintain until the finish.

As I reached the five mile marker I started passing runners. Not by large numbers but somewhere around ten runners that I had been eyeing for at least a mile.

The last mile started at a slight incline and this continued until about the last quarter to three tenths of a mile. I just cruised into the last segment and finished with a time of 1:03:16. My goal was to run a relaxed race and I did so I’m very happy with the results. This is 1:28 faster than my previous old man running personal record. That particular course is much flatter than the one I ran today. I’m not sure why I managed to get the PR today. I have lost almost ten pounds since mid-December and that is probably the biggest reason for the improvement. Glad to see my hard work starting to pay off.


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