Half Marathon Training: Week Nine

It’s easy to lose patience and I’m starting to experience that a bit. The week started out with me feeling a bit off. I can’t put my finger on why but my mind and body just didn’t seem like they were in sync with each other. My cold has now turned into dealing with springtime allergies. The allergies don’t seem to be affecting me too much as long as I take my Claritin and Flonase but maybe this is the cause of the way I feel.

Still doing my speed work on Wednesday and Thursday but I’m not expecting to see significant improvement with my speed between now and the half marathon in Nashville. I see the workouts helping me improve my anaerobic endurance more than anything.

My long run on Saturday was very early in the morning. I had a commitment to attend for most of the morning beginning at 9 a.m. so I got up at 4 a.m. and was out pounding the pavement by 4:30 a.m. Last week’s long run ended with me slowing down quite a bit on the last two miles and I didn’t want this to happen again this week. I backed off my pace slightly at the start and as I began to hit the early hills I made it a point to keep my breathing and heart rate steady. This helped quite a bit. I finished the last four miles strong. Completed the run with my longest distance since I started training for the half: 10.82 miles. With six weeks to go I’m feeling pretty good about my progress.

Workout breakdown for the week:

Monday: Ran 4.49 miles at 10:42 pace. (Slower than last week.)
Tuesday: Rest day (but still did some walking).
Wednesday: 36 minute interval run. 18 minute fast run/2 minute walk/16 minute fast run on a treadmill.
Thursday: 36 minute interval run. 12 minute slow run/2 minute fast run followed by 1.5 minute of walking (x4)/10 minute slow run for a distance of 3.43 miles at 10:31 overall average pace. (Faster than last week.)
Friday: Rest day.
Saturday: Ran 10.82 miles at 11:27 pace.
Sunday: Strength training and stretching.

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