Half Marathon Training: Week Thirteen

The week started with a four day break from running. I figured out this is too long of a break. By the time I got back out on Wednesday I had a lot of built up energy so instead of a short easy run it became a short run at close to my 10K pace. It felt good though. It just wasn’t a part of the plan. Thursday’s short run was more in line with the program.

Saturday is my usual long run day but I had a morning commitment and I really didn’t want a repeat of last Saturday’s workout. Decided to postpone my long run until Sunday and this also shortens my four day break to a three day break for next week. An added benefit that I plan to continue until after the race in Nashville.

The temperature was in the low forties when I started my run on Sunday. A chilly start but I warmed up quickly. As the run progressed it warmed up and I was able to take off my gloves but by then the wind picked up a little too. The wind always seems to hit when you start up a hill for some reason. The goal was to run 13+ miles. Here’s the mile splits from my Fitbit app:


I got 14.04 miles in!!! Hey, I never said I was fast but I’m steady. Miles seven and thirteen were the most difficult and the split times prove it. Miles 6, 8 and 9 were tough too and I was surprised by the mile splits for each. Honestly, mile one wasn’t that easy either but I was fresh and probably started out just a tad too quick. Total elevation was 810 feet. From what I can tell this is quite a bit more than I’ll have to deal with in Nashville. I’d say I’m more than ready for the half marathon on April 30th. The original goal was to finish in Nashville with an 11:30 per mile pace. It looks like I won’t have any trouble doing that now.

Now I can take a sigh of relief and just take it slow and easy until April 30th in Nashville. I don’t want to take any chances and get hurt now. The anxiousness will start to kick in now but I know I’ve got to stay disciplined and just stay loose and relaxed. Less than two weeks to go!

Workout breakdown for the week:

Monday: Strength training and stretching.
Tuesday: Rest day (but still did some walking).
Wednesday: 30 minute slow run covering 3.36 miles at an 10:12 pace. (For me, this really wasn’t a slow run.)
Thursday: 30 minute slow run covering 3.45 miles at an 11:16 pace.
Friday: Rest day.
Saturday: Rest day.
Sunday: 14.04 miles at 11:17 pace. YEAH!!! I’m ready for Nashville now.

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