Today is Global Running Day. If you haven’t already pledged to run today you can by visiting http://globalrunningday.org. This photo is from Monday actually. On most weekdays I start my run at 4:30 a.m. and it’s still dark when I finish so taking a photo then doesn’t really work. Today I ran an easy 4.1 miles. Starting to get the hang of nose breathing but if I let myself think about anything else I drift back to breathing through my mouth. Hold habits die hard I guess. Ok, have you got your run on yet today? If not, get to it!

4 thoughts on “#GlobalRunningDay

  1. runningschlub

    I breathe through my mouth primarily while I’m running. Never got the whole in nose out mouth technique. I figure what feels comfortable, stick with that!


    1. rhannon Post author

      I tend to agree with you but I’m going to keep trying a little longer. I think belly breathing is the most important whether you nose or mouth breathe. Thanks for commenting.


      1. runningschlub

        How is the summer out in Georgia? It gets scorching hot here in az which really messes with training.

        Any reason why you start your runs so early? I start mine around 4am to beat the heat plus I have to be at work at 6am.


      2. rhannon Post author

        It gets very balmy in Georgia during the summertime. It’s common for the temperature at 4:30 a.m. to be mid to high 70’s plus 80-90% humidity. Later in the day the humidity will drop to 40-50% but the temperatures are 90-100 degrees. So yes, it’s partly due to the heat but it also fits my work schedule better. It helps that I’m a morning person anyway.


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