I’m Back! Well, Almost.

I haven’t posted anything in a while but now that the temperatures look like they are going to start dropping here in Georgia it’s time to pick up the pace. It’s been a really busy summer since the first of July. Life gets in the way sometimes but that’s how it goes.

The month of September is almost over and I haven’t posted my Playlist of the Month yet so it looks like I’ll be working on September and October’s playlist between now and the weekend. I also want to recap a portion of my summer. I have slowed down the duration and frequency of my runs but I’ve been running. Also, you may remember I started studying Chi Running and I want to give you my thoughts on that as well. On July 30th I turned the big SIX-ZERO! My children and grandchildren all went to the mountains of North Georgia to celebrate and we had a wonderful time so I’ll be sharing a bit of that experience with you too.

Just wanted you to know I’m working on several posts to get out within the next week or two and then I should get back to my at least once a week posting schedule again. This run blog thing is new to me and I now think taking a break from July through September will probably be a regular thing but you just never know. Ok, enough for now.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back! Well, Almost.

    1. rhannon Post author

      Thanks again for the book Jess! It was interesting but I don’t want to spoil it for the handful of readers to my blog. That post may take me a week or so to get to but I assure you it’s coming.

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