I’m Fat!

Did my heading caption get your attention?

Since the 1st of May of this year I’ve gained fifteen pounds! That’s right 15. And most of this has happened since the 1st part of July when I cut back on my running miles and running days. When I cut back I knew I would gain some weight but I wasn’t too worried about it because I knew once I got back into my training cycle the pounds would start to drop off. So… since July I’ve been pretty much been eating and drinking without much thought about it.

I started to gradually pick up my miles a few weeks ago and I sure have noticed it’s taking a bit more effort and my pace has slowed down. I ran in a 10K a few weeks ago and finished close to my worse time ever. I got back on the scale this week and now I know why: fifteen pounds!

In hindsight, I should have been monitoring my weight during those weeks when I cut my miles back to 9-12 per week. But I didn’t. I just kept eating and drinking. Now I get to pay the price.

I will start my half marathon training the first week of December. Pounds will gradually start to fall off then but I’m sure for several weeks the pace will be much slower than I’m used to seeing. Maybe I’ll drop a few before then but with Thanksgiving next week and a trip to Nebraska the week after that, it’s not likely.

Yeah, I wish I hadn’t let my weight jump by this much but it is what it is. It took several month for my weight to get to where it is and it’s going to take just as long to get rid of it. It’s time to pay the price for my error. I have another 10K run this weekend and it’s likely not going to any better than the last. It’s a bummer but I can’t change that now. No benefit to get down on myself about it-just time to get focused again.

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