Half Marathon Training/Phase One: Week Two

I’m starting to feel like I’m getting back into my training mindset now. I’m not where I was at this time last year but I’m ahead of where I was at two years ago. Overall, I think my physical condition is right where it should be even it’s not where I wish I were.

My body weight is 5.8 pounds heavier than this time last year and it’s 15.2 pounds heavier than when I ran in the St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half Marathon. Sure the extra 5.8 pounds is slowing me down a bit but I’ve got plenty of time to lose the 15.2 pounds before the end of April 2017. I’m probably not going to lose any significant weight with two holidays in back-to-back weeks but after New Year’s Day it will be time to really focus on my diet. I’ve used “MyFitnessPal” to track my calories and fat intake in the past. I haven’t used it in awhile but it’s about time to break it out again. I haven’t found a better food tracker than “MyFitnessPal”. They have an excellent database to pull nutrition information from.

Week two of my training consisted of five workouts:

Monday: Four mile run at a comfortable pace.
Tuesday: Strength training: push-ups, sit-ups, squats
Wednesday: 10 minute run/2 minute walk/10 minute run on the treadmill
Thursday: 4 minute run/1 minute fast run + 2 minute walk (x6)/4 minute run on the treadmill
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Five mile run at an easy pace
Sunday: Rest day

I’m not a big fan of running on the treadmill but for my speed work it seems to work better. I have better control of my running pace on the treadmill. When I do speed work on the road I’m never really sure about my pace and tend to push harder than I should. Even using the treadmill this week I had a little soreness in my right hip. The soreness only lasted a day and honestly, it could have been caused by the squats on Tuesday. It’s all fine now though.

Week three will involve some holiday travel so my workout schedule may have to be modified a bit. Not concerned. I know I have to be a flexible this upcoming week.

Merry Christmas! If you don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus this week then Happy Whatever it is You Celebrate!


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