Half Marathon Training/Phase One: Week Four

Training week four is a week that wasn’t.

Monday was a holiday travel day so I wasn’t able to get my run in. I hate it because really my Monday run is my favorite run of the week. On Wednesday I got my tempo run on the treadmill in just fine but by noon that day I could feel myself coming down with something.

By Thursday morning I was sick! Terrible sore throat and headache mostly. Breathing just fine but eating and swallowing wasn’t easy. The cough increased from there. I didn’t go to the doctor so I really don’t know if it’s just a cold, bronchitis or strep. I’ve been self medicating with Tylenol, Mucinex, Flonase, warm salt water gargles, cough drops and hot totties.

As of this writing it’s the beginning of week five training and for the first time in days I’m starting to feel better but I haven’t recovered enough to start training again. Week four was a wash and week five may not be much better.

With this much time off it looks like I really can’t just play catch up anymore. Once training begins again I’m going to have to adjust my training plan and go back to what I was doing at week two. Maybe I can push it to week three but it’s too early to tell. This setback will affect my Augusta University Half Marathon at the end of February but I still have plenty of time to prepare for the half’s in Nashville and Indianapolis in April and May. I really wasn’t expecting much at the AU Half but now it’s really not going to be anything more than a paid training run.

Setbacks happen. It’s all a part of being a runner. I’ll get through this like I get through everything else. No giving up–just deal with the present. Let’s just hope after week five things start improving.

Just curious; after an illness (injury is totally different) do you pickup where you left off or continue as if nothing happened?

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training/Phase One: Week Four

  1. cavershamjj

    I think if you are out sick for a few days you can move on to the next week as if nothing happened. Depends on your training plan I guess. Mine doesn’t jump much in mileage from one week to the next, at least not in the first 5-6 weeks.


    1. rhannon Post author

      Thanks! I agree with you but I’m into week five and still not healthy enough to run yet. Right now we are looking at about 2.5 weeks off in the first five weeks of my training. The Monday-Friday workouts really don’t change much but the weekend long run does. Once I’m healthy again (I’m getting close), I guess I’ll just have to see how things feel. I suspect I’ll have to back off a little on the long runs for a few weeks and incrementally increase them more aggressively than I normally would. Thanks for your input–it helps.


  2. cavershamjj

    Ouch! That’s a lot of time off in a 12 week plan. Based on my experience last year of running a half with an injury (i was out for months), i would avoid doing anything that increases your chances of picking up an injury in training due to pushing it too hard. Perhaps you need to consider lowering your sights on times you can realistically target for this one.



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