Half Marathon Training/Phase One: Week Five

Week five of my half marathon training is complete but I’m afraid there’s not much to report. It was Wednesday before I felt up to running again after the cold or what I believe was bronchitis. My run on Wednesday was short and slow. I didn’t want to push it much and honestly, my lungs hurt the whole way.

Friday I ran again for a distance just short of four miles. Again, a nice slow pace. I coughed and hacked quite a bit the first mile but by the time I finished my lungs felt pretty good. I noticed on both run days my heart rate was higher than usually. Not high enough to be alarmed but higher than it normally would be for the amount of effort.

With the holiday travel and illness I’ve decided to backtrack on my training plan. Even though I’m starting week six of my plan I’m going to go back to week three’s plan and work up from there. I may accelerate the weekly progress a little. At least on the long run day anyway. This week I’ll just go by my week three plan and see how that goes first.

One good thing from this week: I lost about four pounds!

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