First Week of Rehab

The first week of triple bypass heart surgery rehab went very well. I started the week with little expectation other than to do as much possible without straining myself. I have to be honest, while my speed of recovery has been pretty amazing it’s still alot like taking ten steps back from the beginning.

Needed pain meds throughout the week. Those afternoon naps were a must and most nights I was in bed by 9 p.m. and I was ready! My appitite has picked up and I’m eating well but… losing weight too. The diet is high protein, low carb plus no beer, wine or bourbon! 🙂 I lost 8.3 pounds! I wouldn’t recommend triple bypass surgery for weight loss but I knew I needed to lose some weight. Also, the three weeks before the bypass I was eating all kinds of fried fatty foods. What the hell, I couldn’t do anymore damage and new plumbing was on the way so I enjoyed the opportunity.

IMG_4216One thing I’ve really hated about rehab is having to use an incentive spirometer! It’s used to help me strengthen the muscles used to deep breath. Before surgery I was given one to begin practicing. Prior to surgery I was able to measure 3500 mL inspired volume. Immediately after surgery, it was all I could do to get it up to 500! By the end of the week I could consistently measure 1500-1750 mL inspired volume and occasionally reach 2250 mL inspired volume. So I’ve still got quite a way to go before I’m back to pre-surgery levels.

Now, this should give you a hint about the speed of my walks. My outdoor walks are my favorite part of the day but the pace is S-L-O-W!!! Here is a rundown of my walking progress for the week:

May 30th – Wednesday

.50 miles          16:26          32:40 pace
.51 miles          16:29          32:15 pace
.52 miles          13:25          25:53 pace (probably inaccurate GPS readings)

May 31st – Thursday

.86 miles         18:32           21:34 pace (I don’t trust this result either)
.75 miles         19:37           26:10 pace
.74 miles         18:00           24:11 pace

June 1st – Friday

.98 miles         29:04           29:34 pace
.97 miles         29:24           30:21 pace
.98 miles         28:20           28:57 pace

June 2nd – Saturday

2.75 miles    1:17:55          28:22 pace
.97 miles         29:11          30:06 pace

June 3rd – Sunday (Rest Day)

1.02 miles      20:39           20:17 pace

Steady progress for sure. The distance has been steadily increasing and the pace is gradually improving too. For week two, I plan to build on my base. I hope to increase my pace some but the focus will remain to keep it easy.

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