Surgeon Follow-up, Home Physical Therapist and Nurse Visit

Monday was a follow-up with my heart surgeon, Tuesday I had an appointment with my home physical therapist and today had an appointment with my home nurse. A busy week so for but all three appointments went very well.

On Monday the stitches where the chest drain holes had been were removed. Mostly painless except the third of three. They had to dig that one out a bit. Ouch! I was also told it will still be four more weeks before I can drive a car. That sucks! I can now wear t-shirts again and I can wash my own hair! Since I’m doing so well I am being referred to Cardio Rehab at the hospital. This wasn’t supposed to happen until sometime in the first part of July. The bad part–since it’s at the hospital someone has to drive me there. We’ll find a way to make it work but it’s one more thing to plan and coordinate.

Tuesday’s visit with the at-home physical therapist went very well. Paul (my PT), had me repeat a test that he had me do last week. The goal is to walk 610 yards in six minutes. Last week, I was able to make it to 396 yard. Still, that was pretty awesome considering I’d only been home two days from the hospital. The results this week were much improved. In the six minutes I covered 650 yards! I graduated and I will no longer need Paul to help me. The Cardio Rehab will replace this work and should be a little more difficult to perform. I’m anxious to get started.

Lisa, my at-home nurse came to the house to check on me. All is fine: BP, pulse, surgical wounds healing nicely. Also, I’ve lost a total of twleve pounds since my surgury! YEAH! I expect the weight loss to continue for a while but I’m sure the pace is about to slow down pretty soon. Lisa gave me the option for her to visit later this week and next but it was my choice. Since my wife is going back to work next week I thought it might be good idea to have Lisa around one more week and then go from there.

Things are looking good. I’m staying positive and focused on healing. Tonight I think I’m going to celebrate a bit and have a glass of wine. Cheers!

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