November Recap

November recap? If you’ve followed this blog, you’re probably wondering what happened to updates for May through October. Well, it’s partly because life has gotten in the way. Another reason is that the weather can get so hot in Georgia, I take Memorial Day to Labor Day off from running. I don’t completely stop but if I get one or two short runs in a week, I’m good. I played more golf this summer than I have in several years. I wish I could say my golf game improved but it didn’t. The month of September was a scorcher this year. In fact, it was miserable with hardly a drop of rain all month. Not a whole lot of running for sure. 

The miles started picking up in the month of October, but the first two weeks were still pretty warm. We went on a seven-day cruise of New England and Canada in October and I have to say it was nice to get a few runs in with cool temperatures. To me, they were chilly runs, but they still felt great. 

Port of Boston
Boston Cityscape
Bar Harbour, Maine
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Just finished a brisk run in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I just checked my calendar and surprisingly, I got 10 runs logged for October and I only got 10 runs logged in November, but my miles picked up in November.

45.07 Miles in November
31.11 Miles in October

That’s a net increase of 13.96 miles. That’s especially good considering I had to take a week off due to doctor’s orders. 

Skin Cancer

I recently found out I had skin cancer on my back, so I had to have three places cut out. I still have stitches in one spot but those come out soon. The doctor has told me the cancer has been removed. The first spot they had to cut a pretty big spot out of my shoulder, so I had to take it easy for a week, which meant no running. If you run outdoors like I do, WEAR SUNSCREEN!

That’s a wrap. Really enjoying the cooler weather and looking forward to more running in December. If you’re outside running, even on cloudy days—put on your sunscreen. Happy running and Happy Holidays!

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