AJC Peachtree Road Race 2016 Results

AJC Peachtree Road Race 2016 Finish Line
AJC Peachtree Road Race 2016 Finish Line

Well I have my first Peachtree Road Race in the books now. When I signed up for this race I was thinking I’m crazy for running in a race on July the 4th in Georgia and the end results haven’t changed my mind either. It was extremely warm. I didn’t think to look up the temperature at my 8:10 start time but I know it had to be upper seventies and with the humidity feel like it was in the lower eighties. Conditions were Yellow when I started but twenty minutes later the conditions were changed to Red. Luckily, there was a breeze in some areas but even with that it was hot!

The first five kilometers went very well considering the heat. My 5K split time was 34:26 which comes out to an 11:02 per mile pace. My goal at start time was to finish under 1:08:00. Not even close to a PR time but with the heat and the huge crowd of almost 57,000 runners I would be extremely happy with anything under 68 minutes. The 5K split time put me pretty close to accomplishing that goal.

The fourth mile was the beginning of the hills. The first big hill is nicknamed “Cardiac Hill” and it was challenging but I’ve had worse to deal with during my training runs. With the heat though it was brutal! My body temperature was rising quickly and I started to slow down quite a bit. I finished the fourth mile with a split of 12:42! When I got to the mile four marker I had to change from a slow run to a fast walk. At the next water station I dumped two cups of water over my head to cool off. I continued to alternate from walking to running throughout the fifth mile. The mile five split time was 13:59! Uck! No way to finish in under 68 minutes now.

By the mile five marker I was feeling better and started to run to the finish. We got to a section that was shaded by tall buildings and had a nice breeze running through it that help too. I completed the last 1.2 miles at very close to an 11:00 per mile pace.

Race Results
Race Results

On the bright side, even with an 1:14:44 finish time I placed slightly better than middle of the pack for the overall and my age group. No matter what, you’ve got to find something to be happy about.

I’m glad I did it. Now I can say I’ve ran in the world’s largest 10K road race. Will I do it again? I don’t know yet. At the moment, I’d say no way. By the time signup for the 2017 race comes along I could change my mind so you just never know.

Peachtree Road Race Training: Weeks 3-5

Sorry I haven’t posted anything about my training for the Peachtree Road Race. The main reason why I stopped posting is because I stopped training specifically for that race.

I’ve decided to concentrate on improving my running form and technique. You may recall from a previous post I’m trying to include some of the principles of ChiRunning. Surprisingly, I was already using quite a bit of the form and technique of ChiRunning but I didn’t know it. There are some things I’m working on improving: breathing, pelvic rotation and forward lean from the ankles.

From my days of learning to play stringed instruments I learned to become faster you have to practice slower. Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound right. When you’re learning new techniques you have to practice slow so you can develop the feel of the technique and to allow your muscle memory to respond without thinking. And I certainly have slowed down. Of course, it’s June in Georgia so the heat and humidity are a part of the slow down but not completely.

This will be my last post about preparation for the Peachtree Road Race and you probably will not hear another thing until I’ve finished the race. I plan to continue my technique work through the months of June and July and then reevaluate where I’m at and go from there. Until then the adventure awaits.


Peachtree Road Race Training: Week Two

If you read my other posts from the week you know I’m trying to learn a new running form/technique using the book “ChiRunning” by Danny Dryer. This week I focused on nose breathing and cadence.

On Saturday’s run I ditched the music and used a metronome app on my phone set at 90 bpm. I found that my running cadence is not as consistent as I thought. It’s not bad but not perfect either. Some of its due to terrain and I guess that is to be expected at times. The most significant thing I noticed is my natural cadence is a little faster than 90 strides per minute. I’ll continue to use the metronome set a 90 for a few weeks and see how it goes. My run was cut short because I had an early morning meeting to attend. It’s good to have a plan but there are times when you have to adjust.

I’ve been a belly breather for as long as I can remember but I breath through my mouth. The change to breathing in from the nose is very difficult for me to learn. I figured out I can’t concentrate on cadence and breathing at the same time that’s for sure. For now, nose breathing is on the back burner.

Here’s the breakdown for the week:

Monday: 10 minute slow run; 2 minutes fast run/1 minute walk (x8); 10 minute slow run.
Tuesday: Rest day (but still did some walking).
Wednesday: 18 minute slow run; 5 minute fast run; 15 minute slow run
Thursday: Rest day (but still did some walking).
Friday: Rest day.
Saturday: Ran 5.69 miles at 11:24 per mile pace average. Fastest mile: 10:56, slowest: 11:45.
Sunday: Strength training and stretching.

Peachtree Road Race Training: Week One

It would have been nice to have another easy week after the half marathon in Nashville but with eight weeks until the Peachtree Road Race on July the 4th I can’t do that.

I’m keeping my expectations low for this event. I’ve never ran it. I don’t know the course and the crowd will be huge for a 10K. The heat of July will likely be a factor as well. I just want to go out knowing I did my best to prepare.

It’s been nice to cut back on my distance since the half marathon that’s for sure. I’m not real crazy about interval training but if I’m going to pick up my pace I need to do it. Overall, it was a good week. Felt good all week. My run on Saturday started out a little quick but I slowed down on the last three miles. I choose a slightly different route and it made the hills harder, especially during the last few miles. On Sunday though, I felt a little tenderness in my left shin area. As long as I kept moving all was fine though. Guess I need to go back to my walking for five minutes before I start my run and maybe add a few stretches too. I stretch when I finish but not usually before I start. Don’t think it’s anything to be too concerned about–just gotta keep an eye on it.

Here’s the breakdown for the week:

Monday: 10 minute slow run; 2 minutes fast run/1 minute walk (x6); 10 minute slow run.
Tuesday: Rest day (but still did some walking).
Wednesday: 18 minute slow run; 5 minute fast run; 15 minute slow run
Thursday: Rest day (but still did some walking).
Friday: Rest day.
Saturday: Ran 7.08 miles with 11:17 per mile pace average. Fastest mile: 10:36, slowest: 12:03.
Sunday: Strength training and stretching.

AJC Peachtree Road Race

Got my official notice that I’m entered into the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, GA on July the Fourth! I entered at the very last minute and really didn’t expect to get in. Looks like after the half marathon in Nashville it will be time to start training for this 10K in Atlanta. I’m not sure what to expect while running with 60,000 other runners but I’m looking forward to living the experience.

Go Figure? A New Old Man Running 10K PR

I sure wasn’t expecting to post a new old man running 10K personal record (PR) today but that’s exactly what I did. This morning I ran in the 10K event at the Augusta University Half Marathon/10K. The turnout was great. In fact the 10K was sold out for the first time ever. The temperature was a little chilly at the start time but once you got the first mile in you didn’t really notice the cool weather very much.

Augusta University 10K (about five minutes before the start).

The race started promptly at 8 a.m. At the start I was positioned slightly ahead of middle of the pack. Honestly, when the starting horn went off my intention was to just run a relaxed race and not concern myself with my split times.


As usual, I was passed by quite a few runners in the first mile and then things settled down. Even though I said I wasn’t going to concern myself with my mile splits I did look at the first three. I finished mile one in 9:31. The split time did surprise me a bit. I knew I was running a little faster than my usual training pace but it didn’t feel like it was much above it. Mile two I settled down and finished the split in 9:48. By then I had thoroughly warmed up and I’m glad my wife was on the side of the course so I could throw her my upper layer pullover. It was still chilly enough I kept my glove on though. The third mile was brutal! It starts to climb almost immediately as you run up “The Hill” area of Augusta, Georgia. Most of the third mile is uphill and I completed the split in 12:03.


Thankfully, shortly into the fourth mile there was a long decent and this gave me some time to regroup a bit and settle into a pace I could maintain until the finish.

As I reached the five mile marker I started passing runners. Not by large numbers but somewhere around ten runners that I had been eyeing for at least a mile.

The last mile started at a slight incline and this continued until about the last quarter to three tenths of a mile. I just cruised into the last segment and finished with a time of 1:03:16. My goal was to run a relaxed race and I did so I’m very happy with the results. This is 1:28 faster than my previous old man running personal record. That particular course is much flatter than the one I ran today. I’m not sure why I managed to get the PR today. I have lost almost ten pounds since mid-December and that is probably the biggest reason for the improvement. Glad to see my hard work starting to pay off.


Augusta University Half Marathon & 10K

Today is my scheduled long run day but I’m taking a break so I can run in the Augusta University Half Marathon and 10K tomorrow. I’m running in the 10K, not the half marathon. Maybe I’ll do the half marathon next year. Since I’m training for the Half Marathon in Nashville, TN on April 30th I really don’t have any specific goals or milestones for this run. I plan to go out there well rested and just see how I feel after the first mile. I’m not expecting the run to be a personal record. Not even a personal record as an old man and definitely not a lifetime PR.

The temperature forecast is around 40 degrees at start time with little wind. It’s expected to warm up almost ten degrees by the next hour though. Finding the right combination of clothing may be a challenge. If my lovely wife goes along to cheer me on I can rip a layer off just before the starting gun but if she doesn’t, then I’ll have to get a little more creative.

This run changes my training plan but its always good to be flexible and willing to accept changes in your plans. The distance will be shorter than planned but the intensity will probably be higher so that should make up for the lack of distance. It should be all good in the end.